Behind the lens

Passion for Fine Art


Photography shapes every aspect of my life; it is intrinsic to my spirit and well-being. Photography speaks to me, or rather; I strive to express this voice within my images. I have discovered that self-portraiture is a genuine foundation for inspiration. They each convey a distinctly different sensibility, a manifestation of vulnerability and intimacy. In my course to tell a story, I combine my memories and observances of my everyday surroundings. Thematically, my objective is to find and reveal misplaced memories by arranging scenes where I ultimately control the outcomes. I believe the most important quality of a photograph, as in all of art, is to evoke an emotional response. My desire is to release compelling bodies of photographs that passionately captivate the viewer, while simultaneously eliciting thought-provoking responses, enabling the viewer to understand the scope as well as the particulars of the narratives. I hope you, the viewer, will see something universal in my art and it will resonate with you in a powerful and meaningful way. 

- Laura Carlson